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Dalkom Consultores, S.L. offers the following specialists;

· Administrators
  Professionals certified in the system field (MS Windows, Linux, ...) and in data base (MS SQL Server, MySQL, ORACLE, Access, ...) with Microsfot Certified Professional (MCP)

· Programmers
  Programmers of applications in Visual Studio, MS Access, Java, C++, MS SQL and Web sites in HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, ASP and PHP.

· Networking
  Specialists in the security, secure gateway, ASP; PHP, database, counters, forms, POP mail and Web mail. Cerfified in CISCO and in Networking for physical installation of cables, routers and switches.

· Designers
  Webpage designers with years of experience in Photoshop, Flash and CorelDraw.

· Linguists
  Translators, bilinguals and master in philology in many different languages and in many different technical serctors.

· Teachers
  Teachers cualified in trainings of computer applications and languages in different levels and themes .

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